15 March 2008

The hardest week this year.

It's Saturday and this week has officially been the toughest week I've had so far in 2008. Poof.
I'm literally physically and mentally exhausted today and I can feel the strain of even having to think so I figured I might as well just free my mind and write whatever flows... kind of like stretching exercises for the muscles I suppose.

Speaking of exercises, it's been a week since I stopped to practice my drums and may I say even that I wasn't motivated to do properly today. I found myself wanting to skip certain exercises and stuff because they were "boring" when normally I'm always enjoying the most boring of exercises. Sigh, it's discouraging when I find myself struggling through stuff I'm normally comfortable with. Like today, my double strokes were just total rubbish! Yikes. Anyways, I won't bore you all with this.

So yesterday was the first Chinese Stand-up Comedy show in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong. It was quite good, though I have to admit the last show at Champs (29-Feb-2008) still is unbeatable :) not to say last night wasn't fun, just the setting made interacting with the audience tough, after all, a lot of my set is about interaction where I mess around with people and get them to talk and add to the comedy :) And tonight I've got English stand-up at TakeOut Comedy Club so once I'm done with my set, I'll head back to CLIQ (where we performed Cantonese stand-up last night) to check out the English show and then probably hang around a bit after that. I really am tired today but I don't want to say something like "oh I'll watch the show and leave" because I know that won't happen, people will want to sit down and chit chat which is only fair :P.

Tomorrow's Sunday and that means I need to catch up on all the stuff I have pending so far. One of them is clearing my room up. I think half my energy gets drained when everything is a total mess. It's not the mess that gets to me, it's the sense of being disorganized because I know as long as I know where everything is, the visual outlook doesn't matter but right now it's like I have boxes on the floor, paper everywhere and it's just all out of order! Ahah, I think I will clear it up a bit more when I finish this post. Just need to sit and relax. Thank goodness for my lovely Aeron chair, it's so comfy but even right now, my body's so tired/aching that even this chair isn't enough. I could really use a good proper massage.

So what else is running wild in my life? Well my band Eve of Sin is playing in Underground #56 at Club Cixi so I'm really excited about that (always get exciting playing drums... as you must know by now), I've got more comedy gigs lined up, and my freelance web design work is taking off even more. Which is also another reason why I'm burning up faster recently. I guess I've got to take a few more pauses every now and then and make sure I can see the whole picture and manage every small bit involved rather than trust they will manage themselves properly.

So how is everyone doing? The weather's still a bit cold and so I got a jacket on right now but at the same time I was sweating while drumming. I've been lazing around today watching comedy roasts on YouTube most of today, a lot of Don Rickles involved, very, very good stuff, woah. It really amazes me how his whole persona comes across as being genuinely grumpy :P I try to be funny and cocky in my stand-up routines but like I said before, there's a fine line between being an asshole and being witty and I try my best not to step over the boundary. I feel in last night's show, a bit of me stepped across the line every now and then, I guess out of nervousness because of the relatively difficult space we were in. I always worry pissing people off too much but I guess they understand it's all in fun :). Anyways, to all of you who came to the show last night, thanks a lot, I really appreciate the support and laughter, for those of you who's seen a lot of my set before, I'm writing new material but it's hard to have top-notch stuff all the time, but I think it's better to have 2 really good jokes than 10 mediocre ones :).

Let's see how I feel tomorrow, because it's a Day 10 entry...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

MM was here... ;P

Take it easy mate!

16 March, 2008 08:18  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Aahha thanks! :D

16 March, 2008 15:51  

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