18 April 2008

Pure Hatred

Listening to Chimaira's song Pure Hatred right now. Fit's my mood.
It has one phrase that I love and that is "I hate everyone" because and seeing as this should be a Day 10 entry and I'm already, super, duper late for it because of excess work (like really really excess work), I thought I'd shed one piece of wisdom: Sometimes, when people disappoint you, it makes you realize your own value so you stop taking yourself for granted and say you know what? Like or hate me, I will love myself first.

Sure it sounds negative, but correct me if I'm wrong, everytime people push me into the gutter, I work even harder to climb out so I can walk up to them and say "Sorry, you failed........again". Right now I'm off to bed, dead tired..... sigh



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like April is not a good month for you. :\ I hope things will get better for you soon Viv. Maybe this is only ONE bad month for MANY MANY good months to come. :D Stay cool.

And yes... most important thing is... love oneself... don't give up. :)


18 April, 2008 14:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man. Life sucks, but look on the brighter side! There's always a new tml! And you KNOW, it ALWAYS gets better. (:

19 April, 2008 23:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what man. you get all the chicks.

22 April, 2008 07:00  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Normally I'd disagree but seeing as this post ended up with 2 ladies commenting, I guess I'll have to say, thanks Jealous Guy, you just encouraged me be letting me realize what you said to a certain extent ;)

Oh and thanks ~MM~ and erika'j, for your supportive words :) I'm much better now, just when I wrote this post I was at a point of uber-frustration :P

22 April, 2008 11:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problemo. ;)


22 April, 2008 12:38  

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