14 November 2008

It's hard to explain

You ever understand something but just cannot explain it to someone. It's like you get it but can't explain it. There have been many times in my life that sometimes I want to just scream and tell someone "look, just trust me, it will take too long for me to explain but I know what I'm doing!" but you know that if you said that, chances are it will be taken the wrong way and cause even more problems. I suppose it's a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils, do you drive yourself nuts by trying to explain something, or do you take the risk of upsetting someone else?

I guess this is often why I enjoy being alone. In fact, many a times, I'm the happiest when left alone. Oddly, sometimes I need some company to kick-start my creative process because I know when I'm sitting alone, I rarely suddenly come up with something unique or funny. This is also why very often I talk to myself. Sure, a lot of people think talking to yourself is a sign of being crazy, but I beg to differ. I don't involuntarily talk to myself, I choose to do so because it allows me to see things from a 3rd person point of view, it allows me to discuss stuff from brain to heart, from logic to emotion.

The last few days have been extremely high-octane days where every moment has been a vital part to me accomplishing what I aimed to get done during the day. And here I am at 2am, still focused on getting things I set out for today done so let's hope my energy levels are able to sustain what my mental concentration requires of it. So bon voyage to me, let's see where I end up!



Blogger The Fiery Scribe said...

So ... where did you end up? :P

14 November, 2008 03:31  
Blogger Jason Martin said...

Indeed, it is hard to explain, but what matters is that where you ended up.
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14 November, 2018 16:28  

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