27 May 2008

An early night?

So I'm 2 days late for my Day 10 entry. Well done me.
You ever have those days when everything is "almost done" and it irritates you even more than when you had a lot of things "not yet done"? I'm going through that phase. A lot of my projects are over the 90% completion point and it's actually throwing me off my workflow because everytime I get something from a client, I just want to get it done and it's actually working against me to a certain point. Those of you who follow GTD, realize that it's better to be in a "crank the widget" mindset all at a go rather than work, think, plan, organize, work, etc. because you end up wasting a lot of energy and concentration trying to do different types of tasks one after another and you don't do it well then.

So I managed to go out for a jog today, it was quite good, even though just a good 22 minutes worth, at least it was some good sweating there. I've realized how I'm slowly growing depending on exercise now to get through the day. It's become a habit for me, alongside my drumming practice that in some ways, I find myself moody when gym/drum plans have to be canceled because of work. For example, tonight, I really wanted to get some hand exercises in, but right now, I know if I do start on my hand exercises, chances are I won't do a good job nor will I actually get to sleep early. So instead of the normal routine I have I'm going to do the short-cut edition of it all and get like 30 minutes of practice before I hit the sack.

So, so, so, day 10 entry. For all of you that keep up with my blog, Day 10 is when I share some wisdom with everyone (well really with myself) and honestly, today I have nothing. Zilch. I just remember a phrase Billy Ward said in his DVD Billy Ward - Big Time DVD, that sometimes it requires you to take steps back to move forward. This actually rings quite true with me. The times I've really grown is when I've stopped and re-evaluated the way I'm working based on where I am at. For example, now with 2 20" screens, I've had to stop, re-evaluate the way I like to work with my programs. For example, my Workspace in Photoshop is totally different compared to what I used to use way before my dual 20" set-up. Had I never stopped to re-structure my workspace, I'd still be able to get work done, however, chances are I wouldn't be making the most use of what I have now. So it really does work.

However, sometimes it really is tough to just like stop, re-think and learn a new system. In the beginning, I was so not used to the way my new Photoshop Workspace was set up, I kept losing track of where my palettes were and it was irritating, but we all know the initial teething phase with everything in life so I just stuck with it and today it's part of my style. So I guess what I'm really saying is that take a moment, stop and just think what's going on. Chances are you've improved as a person and maybe the way you still operate hasn't kept up with your new found skills and abilities, so why not take a while to re-think your strategy?

Of course, it's easier said than done, but you know what? I'm off to do some of that now. Have fun! :D



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