12 January 2009

2009 for the win!

Hello and happy new year! How is everyone doing so far? I hope these last few days have been an awesome start for you! It sure has been a hectic bun worthy beginning to 2009 for me. I had an awesome (2nd) one man show on the 9th, the crowd was just perfect, people wanted to be part of the show and thank Goodness I didn't end up being a jerk to anyone :)

But boy this weekend just zoomed by me! I mean omfg it's almost Monday morning. Woah what?! I have some filming tomorrow in the morning at like 10am so this won't be a long post simply because, well if I type now, I'll regret it later. But to keep with my goal of staying up with my GTD list, I must finish my lovely Day 10 entry before I hit the sack.

Ahh, doesn't sleep sound so good when you know you don't have much of it, but at the same time, on days you sleep in, don't you sometimes wake up regretting it because you burnt up half your day? Recently, my sleeping pattern has gotten screwed over and I'm back to my like 5/6am sleeping and it sucks! However, hopefully this week of crazy filming will force me to fix that and so by the next Day 10 entry, I should be back on track and rising before the sun goes down :P Actually, how many people enjoy staying up late nights? I must say, there was a time I really loved them, because I could focus, it forced me to do my work and nothing else since nothing else was open, however, it also meant that I'd wake up and rush to get everything done before everyone else called it a day.. and should I find myself out at night with my friends, I'd feel guilty because I really should be working at that time.

But ah things have been off to a really good start so far and I'm looking forward to a really kick-ass rest of the year. Last year, on New Year's night I went up hiking on my own in the super duper cold weather and well, I was talking to myself during the journey. Call me crazy or whatever, I love it :) I bet everyone talks to themselves all the time :P I say it's actually healthy. But yea, going back to that, I talked to myself and kind of tried to envision what 2008 would be like and to be honest, a lot of things I wanted to achieve I didnt, but there were a load of things I never dreamed about and they happened so in many ways, my 2008 was better than I hoped for, so for 2009, I'm excited and so far things are working out. Don't get me wrong, it;s only been like 2 weeks and I've already had a day of frustration where I felt like I didn't have time for myself and my own stuff. I mean, this is a common situation for me it seems since I'm always whipped up with all the things I'm involved in, but it's good to stop and go "RAH!" every now and then make the best of the situation. I guess if there's one thing I've learnt so far it's that it's not about how many plans you follow and how many goals you achieve, it's about maximizing the moment more than anything else. I mean, as long as I know I tried my best, even if none of the things I planned to do today were realized, I know it wasn't due to my laziness, it was a choice I made and well, I still have tomorrow to achieve them :) And you know what, this way of thinking sure as hell is un-stressing me out a lot more... anyhoo, it's bed time so have a good night and see you in 10 days! :D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds so cool, hiking in super duper cold weather all by yourself on new years eve and talking to yourself ..hahaha, very scenic sounding with a touch of romanticism and..eh... possible insanity. but thats all good.. i used to talk to the roaches in my dorm room too..

14 January, 2009 00:52  

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