01 January 2009

2009 - Let's get this party started!

Alright! We're 1 day into the new year and so far so good. I just stayed home and enjoyed an "early" night to pass 2008 into 2009 because I had a packed schedule for 1 Jan 2009 and now it's 10:28pm and all I can say is, one day into this year and so far so good :).

So how has it been treating you so far? I have to admit, there were a heck of a lot of "things to get done before 2009" I had written out in the middle of December 2008 that I never managed to get done so now I've moved this "things to get done before 2009 Chinese New Year" so that leaves me approximately 3 weeks to sort it all out.

In my last entry, I talked about my plan to achieve all my drumming goals and you know what? It's working!! I'm so excited. I was practicing some drums tonight and since it's beats day (ie. play cover song), I was working on Chimaira's Power Trip and the last time I played it, I managed to clock the song properly at 152bpm, today I hit 165 bpm! And even just barely managed 170bpm! That is playing everything correctly, not cheating anywhere! The song's actually approximately 183bpm, so I still got a bit to go but hey, my goal of improving my feet by 4 bpm a month has already been achieved! So as long as in Feb 2009, I'm clocking 169bpm or more on my double pedals, I'm right on track. I better be able to perfect this song by the end of this month.
As for my blast beating, I've got it stabilized at 135bpm and working on 140bpm.

Yes, I shall stop talking about drums from here on :)

I've been sitting at my computer all evening catching up on work and going through all my files and basically been doing a lot of digital house-keeping. I must say, everything is good, though there's a lot more I still need to do, like changing the way I partition my hard drives. I'm a memory freak so I have like 4 hard drives plugged into my system and so far, none of them have gone bad (they better not!) but I have to re-organize everything which is going to be a real pain!

Also, for all of you who are wondering "why is Vivek always whining about being busy? What the heck is he always doing anyway?" Well let me tell you my friend, I was at RTHK this morning, on New Year's Day, doing a live radio show at 10:30am and I will be recording another show tomorrow in the afternoon, then comes Saturday and I have some late night filming for a friend of mine, followed by Sunday which sees me at a Press Conference for a big comedy show we're doing in Feb 2009, and on Sunday night, at 7:30pm, the documentary I'm hosting, Hong Kong Stories is airing and the 1st episode has me, an Indian, as a case study :) So remember to tune in to ATV World (Hong Kong viewers only, sorry), at 7:30pm and enjoy! :D My 2nd one-man show is on the 9th of Jan 2009 so there's that awaiting me, alongside some corporate gigs I got lined up, so voila, here's just a glimpse of the craziness that is my daily life.

But on a brighter note, I have to say, no complaints so far regarding 2009 and that means I'm off to a good start. It's almost 11pm, and let me just say, I'm looking forward to an early night tonight and finally get down to clearing out all the things I have on my to do list. I wish everyone the best things in 2009 and hope you achieve everything you set out to achieve! If not, just enjoy the ride and be happy :)



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