22 February 2009

Seeing is Believing

I'm finally here, at my lovely blog, sitting peacefully without having to rush off somewhere in a short while. It's been a crazy week with a lot of spontaneous events that have stopped me from keeping up with my Day 10 schedule and thus I'm late, late, late for my entry. So um, oops. I guess that'll suffice.

I think I've scratched my left eye while sleeping because I woke up this morning with tears and a shade of red covering it. It's making this entry seem so emotional because every now and then I have to dab it to prevent the liquid from dripping every now and then. Yet, mentally I'm feeling fine. Hah silly eye, it's got the wrong emotional signals.

I guess we see the world in our own little ways, through our own eyes. One moment the world is blurry, and put on your prescribed glasses and next your moment's all focused. Some people are the type that they have to see something to believe it for themselves. Like watching something on video versus watching it live. It's a different feeling. Say going to a concert, it's not about just the visuals, it's the aggregate effect all your 5 senses receive from the experience. You've got the heavy bass running through your skin, loud music pumping into your ears, the smell of smoke, sweat, lights, everything pounding your nose, the taste of excitement in your mouth and well, of course, the look of the band you're watching in your eyes. Add a frame around that and slap on a YouTube logo and half of that vanishes. The same really does go for stand-up comedy, even though a lot of people may not agree, it's a different experience watching someone do a bit in person versus on video. The other day I had a guest appearance for a university singing contest and I did one bit I'd done on TV and people still cracked up. I knew some of these people had seen my bit before, but they cracked up more on the fact that they were waiting for something they knew was coming -- the punch line.

It's a weird thing when you realize sometimes it's kind of like singing along with your favorite song at a concert. Some punch lines are so good that people want to say it with you in their minds. I guess that's when you know you've got an A-grade bit. I've discovered the same is when you're talking with friends and when they know you and your style well enough, they can predict what you'd say for a certain situation or conversation. You know how sometimes people would tell you stuff and you'd say "Oh, it couldn't be him, he's not like that." It's something similar to that because you just know that person's style.

I guess style is something that unites a lot of the arts, because that's what people keep working at discovering and also work at developing and innovating. It's something that only comes with time and experience, you can't just say "ok from now on, this is my style." In my opinion, it doesn't work that way, your style develops by itself, you just have to keep poking new boundaries and keep doing things to let it develop. Kind of like working out, the muscles don't need you to mentally focus on them, as long as you're working them out the right way, they're going to respond by growing and improving. It's an involuntary/sub-concious event.

Going back to seeing, in many ways seeing is quite a sub-concious event too, you notice things you didn't expect or after a while realize you did see it without realizing it. Often people have talked about when you want to see something, you will see something more. Like if you started taking the time to notice people in pink, you'd realize there are in fact a lot of people in pink! It's not that you suddenly managed to create a cosmic effect that cause people to choose pink for a change, but that you switched your sub-concious observation to a concious one and now you're noticing this stuff. Kind of like me and nutrition labels. Without realizing it, I'd notice them and for one, I noticed them on freaking bottles of water. I mean really? Do we really need to be reminded that water has 0 calories? 0 carbs? 0 fat? And 0 protein? I suppose on paper it doesn't seem so bizarre, but when you're holding the bottle thinking "they actually spent money on some science experiment to discover this information?!" I guess seeing in believing as well as enjoying because a lot of things are only great in that moment. It's one of those "you had to be there" things.

The moment. It's another one of those cosmic ideas that makes you really go "woah" sometimes because when you find the right thing at the right moment, it's quite mind-blowing. Kind of like having a good come-back without the short period of time where come-backs are powerful and not lame. It's weird when you break down and analyze things like these, it makes you realize that there's often some science behind every form of art. I mean in my opinion, technique is some sort of science because it's has a fixed pattern that you work at to improve. It's like a formula in a way that leads to a certain outcome. However, it also blends in a lot of personal touch because everyone's mind and body is different so the same technique may not work for you but a slight variation would. I guess it all comes down to seeing what works for you and believing in it and working at it. Enjoy!

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