01 March 2009

Red shoes!

I think I have a shoe fetish. When I saw these shoes yesterday, I literally had the same emotional feeling I had when I saw my lovely, dovey pink shoes.
So I figured to stick with tradition, I'd add these to my blog and share them with everyone :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh great.. you and your shoe fetish -_-

I like this pair more than the pink ones, these are nice. haha.

02 March, 2009 19:45  
Blogger Vivek Mahbubani said...

Ahaha I know. I thought about getting help, but it cost more than these shoes for therapy, so I figured I'd get the shoes instead :)
Ahah, my pinks are classics, these are the new kids on the block ;)

04 March, 2009 14:29  

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